Posted: 12 June 2023

What it’s like to study Animal Management at Reaseheath by Niamh Hearty

Niamh Hearty has just graduated on the Level 3 Animal Management Course and would like to share her experience of what it is like for a student at Reaseheath.


Why I chose Reaseheath College to study Animal Management

I chose the course because of the extensive range of animals that are at Reaseheath zoo, this was a big selling point for me.

Other colleges seemed to have small animals like guinea pigs and hamsters, but the chance to work with over 200 species here at the zoo was incredible. There are lemurs, tapir, birds of prey and meerkats and that really did it for me.

How I travel to college

I travel from Ellesmere Port, getting the bus from the Neston stop and it gets me on to campus in just under an hour.

The bus route is subsidised, making it affordable, safe and so much easier to get to college.

The Reaseheath staff

The staff are really supportive, literally anything you are struggling with they understand and do their best to help.

They give you the lift that you need to get the work done, achieve what you can and that’s what makes a big difference at Reaseheath.

What opportunities have I been given

As well as studying my course, I volunteer at the zoo at the weekends, this is a really great opportunity to get more involved and hands on experience.

As a Casual Zoo Education Assistant I help with all the zoo schools and birthday parties which is such a rewarding experience as you see young people with their first encounters of the animals.

I am also the Chair of the local Herpetology Society which is committed to the ongoing research and conservation of amphibians and reptiles. It has been a great way to meet other people who are active in this field and who have a real passion for working with animals.

What will I do next

This year I will complete my Level 3 course and take a gap year. I will be coming back to University at Reaseheath as I couldn’t now contemplate going anywhere else. I find animal behaviour really interesting and am currently considering the Behaviour and Welfare degree.


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