Education lies at the heart of all that we do, and a trip to Reaseheath Mini Zoo offers an unmissable opportunity to take learning outside of the classroom.

From EYFS to KS4, our unforgettable group visits, create and deliver unique experiences to help inspire your pupils to take an interest in animals and the natural world.

Primary schools

Nothing beats seeing animals in real life. Come and visit the zoo! Have a tour, play some games and learn some fun animal facts.  

Key Stage – any

Who lives where? Discover features of different habitats and what they provide for the animals that live there. Learn about far away habitats and those a bit closer to home.

Key Stage – KS1 & KS2

Why are animals becoming extinct? Is this natural and normal? What are these animals’ major threats? What can I do to help? This interactive session will answer all of these questions.

Key Stage – KS2

What adaptations do animals have to help them live where they live? As a group, we’ll do some detective work to find the main characteristics of Predators, Prey, and adaptations to live in hot and cold places.

Key Stage – KS2

A look into how animals are classified. Are they a vertebrate, or invertebrate? A herbivore, omnivore or carnivore? Let’s find out! 

Key Stage – KS1 & KS2

Secondary schools

What do zoo keepers actually do? Is zoo keeping the only job working with wildlife? Pupils will learn details of a variety of job roles, skills required, and qualifications. After an intro to the range of daily tasks zoo keeping requires, pupils will get hands-on at activity stations based on these real tasks.

The threats animals face in the wild and the role of zoos in helping to conserve them. Is there anything you can do to help wildlife around the world? What is sustainability?

What's included in your visit?

  • Complimentary adult 1 to 1 entry to comply with government regulations
  • Complimentary teacher pre visit during our weekend and school holiday opening hours
  • A dedicated DBS checked, fully qualified member of our Education team as your guide for the day
  • A room in the middle of the zoo for your lunch
  • Activities themed on your chosen workshop topic
  • Complimentary coach parking


  • £11 per child

  • Minimum £175 per session

If you are interested in booking a session, please contact for more information and availability.